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Any second hand motor related goods and obsolete parts (new old stock)

Frontage x Depth: 9m x 8m (29½ft x 26ft)    

(Extra £10.00  each day if not pre booked 14 days prior to show date)


Any goods which are new.

Frontage x Depth: 6m x 7m (19½ft x 23ft)


(Extra £10.00  each day if not pre booked 14 days prior to show date)


Any non motor related goods.

Frontage x Depth: 4m x 6m (13ft x 19½ft)


(Extra £10.00  each day if not pre booked 14 days prior to show date)


Shopping Village

Trade pre-bookings for our 2020 season are now open!

Please email for a booking form

Trade, Autojumble & Shopping Village Terms & Conditions

It is understood that in signing for and purchasing outdoor exhibition ground space at the shows that the booking terms and conditions will be adhered to. The shows are being organised by Gemini Events, subsequently referred to as the Event Organisers. All trading ground space is outdoor and is being sold by Gemini Events.


1. APPLICATION: Traders must complete the Trade booking form and forward it to together with the appropriate payment. Every trade exhibitor shall be deemed to have read and understood these terms and conditions.


2.TRADER RESPONSIBILITIES:  The Traders shall indemnify the Event Organisers against all claims, damages, or expenses whatsoever in any way arising out of the presence of the Trader or his exhibits or products on the Showground. Acceptance of the foregoing provisions shall be a Condition of Entry. Traders MUST take out COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE FOR PUBLIC LIABILITY & ALL OTHER RISKS, INCLUDING FIRE & LOSS OF BUSINESS not only as regards their own property, BUT ALSO AGAINST ANY THIRD PARTY CLAIMS. Any exhibitor employing people MUST have EMPLOYERS LIABILITY INSURANCE to satisfy health and safety requirements.


3. ALLOCATION OF SPACE: The allocation of sites, including the positioning of trade stands, will be entirely at the discretion of the Event Organisers, although every endeavour will be made to meet any request by a Trader regarding the position of their site or stand. The Event Organiser does not offer exclusivity for any product or service. Each trade exhibitor shall be strictly confined to the space allotted and paid for (this includes any vehicle required to be part of the stand). Any exhibitor moving from the space allotted without the prior agreement of the Event Organiser will be requested to leave the Showground and will forfeit all fees paid.


4. SUB-LETTING OR SPLITTING STANDS: Traders are forbidden from sub-letting any portion of the space allotted to them, and may be requested from the Event Organiser to  leave the Showground and all fees paid will be forfeited if found doing so.


5. CANCELLATION OF SPACE: All persons who have booked and paid for stands and subsequently cancel the booking or fail to exhibit shall forfeit all fees and charges paid. The Event Organisers reserves the right to re-let such space.


6. ALLOCATION OF TRADE EXHIBITOR TICKETS: Traders will be allowed two single Adult tickets for each Trade Stand space booked. This applies equally to auto jumblers and to the shopping village stalls. Vehicle passes – trade stands will be allowed one complimentary vehicle pass per booking. Additional passes if required can be purchased on the day and will be charged at £5 per pass (one vehicle and up to two persons). Staff or volunteers manning your stall/stands should park in the public car parks. Under no circumstances will refunds be made to traders or their staff/volunteers that arrive at the entrance without trader tickets and have to pay to gain admission to the show at full rate. The Event Organisers cannot be held responsible for lost or forgotten trader tickets.


7. SITE PREPARATION & COMPLETION: Trade stand holders may begin preparation of their sites on the day prior to the show between 3pm and 5pm ONLY. The setting up of all stands must be completed by 10.00am at the latest on show day.



8. DISMANTLING OF STANDS: Removal of stands may not commence before 4:00 pm on the day of the show and all exhibitor materials are to be removed by 9pm latest. ALL Traders MUST LEAVE THEIR SITES CLEAN AND TIDY and place all rubbish in skips provided.  No camping allowed on site at the end of the show. Trader’s vehicles arriving to remove stands will not be admitted to the showground before 4:00 pm.

9. SECURITY: All properties of Traders left overnight are left entirely at the risk of the trader/operator. 


10. Trader VEHICLES: All Trader vehicles, unless forming part of the exhibit, must be removed from the Showground by 9:30 am on the day of the show. These vehicles should be moved to the appropriate parking areas. No vehicle whilst on the showground shall be driven at speeds in excess of 5 m.p.h.


11. LITTER: Traders are required to have their stands and the portions of the adjacent avenues and pathways immediately adjoining their stands cleaned up at the end of the show and the refuse moved to the waste skips provided. Caterers and Trade Exhibitor providing meals and foodstuffs and light refreshments must provide their own bins for waste food and ensure these are removed from the showground on departure.


12. FOOD AND CATERING: No Exhibitor other than the Organiser’s appointed caterers and officially booked food stands will be allowed to sell food and drink for consumption on the Showground.


13. CHEAP JACKS, HAWKERS, CANVASSERS, & GAMES OF CHANCE: No cheap jacks, hawkers, or “mock” auctioneers shall be allowed to rent space and in the interest of all stand holders and the general public, Trade Exhibitor of miscellaneous articles for sale MUST state full particulars on the stand application form. The sale of goods by shouting or annoying behaviour is forbidden.


14. P A. EQUIPMENT & RADIO COMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT: The use of PA and radio communication is strictly prohibited unless permission is given stating frequency allowed


15. CHARITIES: The collection of donations, sale of raffle tickets etc. is allowed only within the confines of the space booked by the particular charity concerned. The registered charity number must be clearly displayed on the booking form and the stand itself and any raffle must have the necessary permissions from authorities governing such activities.


16. FIRE SAFETY: ALL Trade Exhibitor ARE REQUIRED to supply A SUITABLE FIRE EXTINGUISHER/S in the interests of fire precautions. The Event Organisers reserve the right of inspection by the Fire Safety Officer of all stands and equipment and further to order the use of such equipment to be discontinued should they contravene fire and safety regulations. All Trade Exhibitors are required by law to provide a fire risk assessment for their stand.


17. POSTPONEMENT OR ABANDONMENT: Trade Exhibitors shall not have any claim against the Event Organisers in respect of loss or damage whatsoever consequent upon the show or any part of it failing (for whatever reason) to be held or having to be abandoned.


18. COMPLIANCE: All trade stand, auto-jumblers and craft stand Trade Exhibitor must be compliant with all current legislation and regulation relating to their business and the exhibiting of their business.




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