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Brought together on one stage, all the music that divided the greatest decade in pop history into two rival youth cultures - two great bands battle it out together on stage to see which musical style will come out the winner. Both bands will take to the stage together to trade tunes and see whose music should be crowned as the best of the 50s and 60s.

Are you a Mod or are you a Rocker?

Are you a Rocker? Does your world rock to the sound of the rockabilly beat? Then don your leather jacket, rev up your bike and show your support for the fabulous Del Ray Rockets, bringing to life the sounds of Elvis, Eddy Cochrane and all the kings of rock n' roll.

Or are you more of a mod? If you like your suits sharp and your music even sharper, slip on your shades and get on your scoot to support the The Quik Beats, playing the A to Z of beat music from the Animals to the Zombies.

Maybe you've never really been sure! If so, this is the place to finally find out.

We have the incredible 'The Quik Beats' joining us again this year alongside 'The Delray Rockets'.

The Quik Beats are a five-piece rock and soul band who deliver an upbeat ‘tribute’ to iconic 60s music. The band draws its repertoire from the material made famous by mid-sixties 'British Invasion' bands, American soul artists of the era and the psychedelic bands from the 'summer of love'.

The Delray Rockets are a 3 piece Rock'a'Billy Band hailing from Central England U.K, formed by a group of Rock'a'Billy renegades wanting to push Rock'a'Billy to another level, or "Up a gear"... to coin a phrase.. The Delray Rockets music has a strong '50's Influence, but with a very modern style, although not taking away the roots from the original Rock'a'Billy feel to the sound.


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