Q. How do you define a classic vehicle?

A. Unlike veteran cars there is no agreed timescales for a ‘classic’ vehicle. Definitions vary by organiser and even insurance companies. Gemini Events define a classic vehicle as being over 20 years old.

Q. Why do I have to pay to display my vehicle?

A. Gemini Events try to offer owners the best of locations to display their vehicles and most of these venues insist that we monitor admissions and plan a professional event. We charge a small administration fee which helps to the basic costs of putting on the event including public liability insurance, additional toilet provisions, awards and judges and stewards. Gemini Events do not make any profit from these administration costs.

Q. Are there any awards at the shows?

A. We have experienced judges at most events and always have awards ranging from ‘Concours’, ‘Pride of Ownership’ and Daily Driver’ as well as ‘Best in Show’. The exact number of awards varies for each show and depend on the number of vehicles booked to join us.

Q. Can I enter the concours competition?

A. All vehicles on the main show field by 11.00 am are automatically entered into our static judging. Some awards are chosen in the arena and vehicles are invited to join us to be considered.

Q. What if I do not want my vehicle judged?

A. Just let our judges know that you would prefer not to be judged or pop and see us at the Organiser marquee.

Q. Why do you insist that vehicles must be on display from 10.00 – 4pm?

A. Gemini Events derive their income from the public visitors, they have come to see your vehicle and we need all vehicles to be on display until the advertised closing times. The show times are part of our contractual obligations with the venue, and we need your support to be able to continue going back to each venue.

Q. What if I need to leave early for an emergency?

A. We will authorise early departure to cover any unseen emergencies. Any unauthorised departures will be logged and owners may be refused pre-booking for future events

Q. Does my vehicle need to be a concours vehicle to be on display?

A. No. We accept entries from vehicles that are ‘work in progress’.

Q. My car is newer than 1997 - Can I still display my vehicle?

A. If your vehicle is a classic of the future but not quite old enough we now have a privileged parking area adjacent to the main show area where you can display your pride and joy, any age or type. Unfortunately we no longer allow pre-booking of vehicles younger than 20 years unless part of a bone-fide club

Q. I am a member of a club – How do I book a club stand space?

A. We encourage new clubs to join some of the 180 plus clubs that already join us during the season. Please check out our booking form for eligibility rules or email the office on info@geminievents.co.uk

Q. Why do I need to pre-book within 28 days of a show?

A. We need to ensure that exhibitor passes are sent out and with you 14 days before the show date. Manual forms have a strict 28 day deadline, due to us not being in the office in our busy season. However our online system closes 21 days prior to the show date unless we have closed bookings early due to demand. Please book as early as possible.


Q. What is Masterclass?

A. The winner of each individual CLASS award is promoted and entered automatically into MASTERCLASS category the following year, equivalent to the Premier division in football, if you like. There is a dedicated MASTERCLASS area within the show and judging is more lengthy with a points system and owners remain as a MASTERCLASS entry for 3 years competing against  the very best vehicles from each CLASS.

Q. I've missed pre-booking, can I still attend?

Yes, you are still more than welcome to join us but normal admission rates would apply (see specific show page for admission fees). Once you get to our marshals you ask for ‘show parking’ and you have 2 options.

CLASS parking – subject to availability and up to11.00am only you can join the main show field and park with vehicles from the same era and be eligible to enter our concours competition and join in arena events (see our website for details www.classicmotorshows.co.uk) If joining us in this area we ask for your co-operation not to leave the show field until 4pm at the end of the show.
PRIVILEGED parking – you are directed to a special area away from the main public car park near to the main show field and can arrive and leave at a time convenient to you (not available at Trentham Gardens)

Q. What happens in the event of wet weather?

In the event we have to cancel the show you are booked into, please keep your vehicle pass for use as a credit for the same 2019 event, we will do our utmost to contact you in the event of a cancellation. If you are unsure about the status of an event you are due to attend, please call our office (24 hour answering machine message with the latest show information) or check our website, this applies to all our events.

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